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Via della Amore sign in Pienza (Tuscany, Italy) © Stefano Costantini
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The Romance of Opera in Tuscany

Soaring towers, gentle hills, cypress trees, and olive groves. Tuscany has been practically synonymous with romance for generations of travelers. From the effusive poetry of Goethe to the picturesque novels of D.H. Lawrence, foreigners from near and far have been entranced for centuries by the verdant landscapes and cultural treasures of Tuscany, Italy.

11 Aug 2016
Chateau de Fontainebleau (cc)
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Open-Air Opera at the Castles of France

The castles of France inspire dreams of other eras, of summertime strolls through courtly gardens and elegant entertainment. The Opéra en Plein Air Festival gives opera fans the opportunity to indulge these fantasies with a healthy addition of contemporary flair.

12 May 2016
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