Carnegie Hall Exterior, NYC © Photo: Jeff Goldberg/Esto Insider Tips

You haven’t been to New York, if you haven’t been to a concert at Carnegie Hall. Add a meal at one of these local favorite restaurants – all less than five minutes from Carnegie Hall’s main entrance – and make it a night to remember for all your senses.

Trattoria dell’Arte

The nose knows…

The décor of this friendly upscale Italian restaurant simulates an artist’s studio, and among the plaster sculptures distributed throughout the interior is a white nose that faces Seventh Avenue and practically fills the second-floor window. Be sure to plan some time to savor the gorgeous selection of antipasti. The delicious thin-crust pizzas are not available for pre-concert dinner, but if your appetite will wait, book your table for after the performance and indulge in one of these authentic Italian treats. Reserve a table for Trattoria dell’Arte.

Trattoria Dell’Arte, New York ©

Trattoria Dell’Arte, New York ©



It’s Greek to me!

It is surprisingly difficult to find really good Greek food in Manhattan, and the exceptional quality at Molyvos is much appreciated by locals on their way to or from a Carnegie Hall concert. The interior is kept elegantly simple, with understated references to the Greek isles. If you are overwhelmed by the choices, the prix-fixe three-course menu is a surething at a reasonable price.

Molyvos, New York restaurant

Molyvos, New York ©


Carnegie Deli

Quintessential Comfort Food

If you eat at this legendary New York deli before the concert, expect to have a bag full of leftovers to leave at the coat check at Carnegie Hall. The signature corned beef or pastrami sandwiches here are mountains of cured meat between two slices of the city’s best rye bread. If you’ve gone through life until now without a Jewish grandmother, consider indulging in a home-food specialty like the cheese blitzes, potato latkes, or a good old bowl of matzoh ball soup. The Carnegie Deli only takes reservations for groups of 15 people or more, so bring plenty of extra time to wait in line for a table. And if your schedule is too tight before the concert, you can always try for a table afterwards and go straight to the dessert menu. Carnegie’s cheesecake is a New York City favorite.

Carnegie Delicatessen, New York ©

Carnegie Delicatessen, New York ©


Red-Eye Grill

All-American Indulgence

The enormous central dining room of the Red-Eye Grill could be a cross between a diner and a ballroom. Order oysters, sushi, or cocktails at one of the round bars that rise above the general seating area, or sit down to a full-blown steak or seafood plate with all the trimmings. This is not the place for a quiet rendezvous, but if you want great food and the bustle of New York, all literally within view of Carnegie Hall, then chef Brando de Oliveira will be happy to give you a taste of hearty cuisine, American style. Reserve a table for the Red-Eye Grill.

Red Eye Grill, New York ©

Red Eye Grill, New York ©

Credits:Carnegie Hall Exterior, NYC © Photo: Jeff Goldberg/Esto

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