The Sainte Chapelle, Paris © Photo: Urnes Insider Tips

After seven years of thorough renovation, the Sainte-Chapelle (Holy Chapel) in the center of Paris can be seen again in all its glory. The spectacular 13th-century stained glass and the masonry have been painstakingly restored, as has the famous 15th-century rose window.
Not surprisingly, this extraordinary medieval Gothic church is very popular with visitors to Paris, and the crowds on a typical day can be overwhelming. No matter how dedicated you are to the beauty of stained glass, you are probably not enthusiastic about waiting on line for up to two hours of your precious Paris sightseeing time.

The line at Sainte Chapelle, Paris © Photo by

The line at Sainte Chapelle, Paris © Photo by


Fortunately, you can combine two pleasures and skip the lines! Plan to visit this jewel of Gothic architecture in the evening, at one of the many Sainte Chapelle concerts throughout the year. Arrive early with a ticket in hand, and prepare for an uplifting evening in one of Paris’ most sought-after locations. The concert programs vary from solo recitals to full orchestra performances. The focus is on well-known compositions, and the atmosphere is warm and festive.

Keep in mind: The Sainte Chapelle is located within the Palace of Justice, and there is airport-level security at the entrance. Please bring valid ID and leave sharp metal objects at home.

Choose a concert and order tickets for your Sainte Chapelle concert here.

Credits:The Sainte Chapelle, Paris © Photo: Urnes

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